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Over eleven years ago, Continental Builders USA Began as a Stucco Contractor and since then, our company has expanded our scope to include not only Stucco, and EIFS, but also Pre-cast, Drywall, Paint, Stone Veneer, Re-hab, Laminate and Tile Distributors.


We also have a showroom that includes Pre-cast, and Stone, and our factory located in Orlando. Ask us for quantity pricing.


Throughout the years, we have successfully met the competitive need and demands of both the Residential and Commercial Communities. Continental Builders USA has achieved a reputation for Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and Quality Craftsmanship.


We are furthering our expansion by becoming direct tile, stone and other veneers. We are now dealing with wholesalers all over Florida for these products. As we continue to grow we will never lose sight of our goal to know and relate to every client. Continental Builders USA's goal remains very straight - forward - customers satisfaction.



In addition to new applications of both stucco and EIFS, we have worked our way up the ladder to becoming one of the top notch companies that are sought after to solve water intrusion problems as well as correcting badly applied lath, stucco and EIFS. Our policy is “do it once” the right way”. Exterior cladding serves 2 purposes, #1 aesthetics and # 2 the shedding of damaging moisture. While poor applications of your building cladding may not necessarily be visible to the casual observer, what’s going on underneath can be damaging and ultimately very expensive to rectify.  This is why our applicators are thoroughly trained to observe and correct all systemic moisture problems that arise.  Giving you a good looking building that will fight off moisture problems is our # 1 goal. If you have a poorly applied stucco or EIFS project, call today and speak to a knowledgeable tradesman that can give your job that personal attention that will lead to a successful solution.









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